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2007 Top Ten Metaphors

It's finally here!! The Top Ten Metaphors list for of 2007. Check out what happened last year in metaphor. 

Top Ten Metaphors of 2007

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This annual Top Ten Metaphor list has been ruthlessly hand picked by the publisher of The Metaphor Observatory and Knowgramming.com on the basis of relevance, impact, accuracy and popularity.


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This website is dedicated to the proposal that the metaphorical relationships drawn between any two disciplines are, in fact, universal, being isomorphic mathematical derivations of the components of the Unified Field Theory. Further, that the symmetry of metaphor is extendible both linearly and laterally, allowing us to mathematically predict missing knowledge and invention in all other disciplines: an interdisciplinary Rosetta stone of universal scope. A book describing this process is in the works...

"The metaphor reminds us that the universe is full of cousins." - J.D. Casnig

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